License Agreement

Russia. Volgograd.

Date of the Agreement is determined as the date of logon on the Internet resource
This Agreement is an offer (proposal of LLC “FonMediaPro” to enter into an agreement) on the following terms.
Person undergoing the logon procedure on the Internet resource, on the one hand, and «FonMediaPro”, on the other hand, have hereby agreed as follows.

1. Subject of the Agreement
1.1. The Application Vendor shall transfer to LLC “FonMediaPro” rights to use the software (the Software) which is transferred pursuant to this Agreement and (or) hosted on any Internet resources owned by LLC “FonMediaPro” within the limits and for a period stipulated by the Agreement, and LLC “FonMediaPro” agrees to use the rights granted according to the Agreement. “Using” shall be understood to mean selling the Software as a product, using it as an entertainment material or other ways of its using for civilian purposes within the limits stipulated by the Agreement.
1.2. The Application Vendor warrants that it has exclusive rights for the Software and has the right to enter into the Agreement.

2. The rights and Obligations of the Parties
2.1. Hereunder the Application Vendor grants to LLC “FonMediaPro” the intellectual property rights for the Software as provided by the legislation for using the Software in any way on any Internet resource of LLC “FonMediaPro” with the production mark and trademark of the Application Vendor (i.e, including in the catalogues, hosting on Internet pages, reproducing, demonstration, replication, distribution in any way, etc.).
2.2. The Application Vendor reserves the right to use the Software on its own or grant rights for its using to third parties within the stipulated territorial and industry-specific limits.
2.3. LLC “FonMediaPro” shall ensure the confidentiality of any commercial and technical information received in course of the collaboration with the Application Vendor.

3. Confidentiality
3.1. The terms of this Agreement and any additional agreements are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

4. Dispute Resolution
4.1. The parties to this Agreement have agreed that any disputes arising from the Agreement, including disputes over invalidating the Agreement, holding it void or not concluded, shall be resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach agreement, shall be resolved by the Arbitration Court of Volgograd region.
4.2. The Application Vendor monitors the information posted on the Internet resources of LLC “FonMediaPro” on its own.

5. Agreement Duration
5.1. This Agreement becomes effective upon completion of the logon procedure on the Internet resource and is concluded for one year. In the event of termination of the exclusive rights for certain software products the License Agreement is terminated in the corresponding parts. If none of the Parties declares its cancellation within the period not later than one month before the expiration of this Agreement, the Agreement is every time extended for the same period.
5.2. Transfer of the exclusive rights for the intellectual property to a new right holder is not a basis for modification or termination of the License Agreement concluded with the prior right holder.

6. Termination of the Agreement and Other Conditions
6.1. Parties have the right to terminate the Agreement by mutual written agreement.
6.2. In course of logging-on on the Internet recourse the Application Vendor may specify additional banking and other details.
License agreement on the transfer of rights of using software products
... duly represented by ... acting on the basis of..., hereinafter referred to as “Licensor”, from the one hand, and LLC “FonMediaPro”, duly represented by the Director Mikhail Viktorovich Dubovoj, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as “Licensee”, from the other hand, concluded the following Agreement as follows.